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2019 Burnt Soup Theme: STARFISHING

Art is What You Make it.

theme camp Now Take this Lovely Theme Camp!

Help build a great “Elsewhere” village and rock a Theme Camp!

NOTE: If you have an ART CAR…Please contact an LLC member on site to register it


List of Theme Camps Registered for 2019:

Sit And Spin A Yarn (S.A.S.A.Y.)

Burning Soul Lounge

SimWittEd – That ShadowBox camp!

Purple Hi – Hi! We’re a small personable camp with purple walls and chairs for relaxing, laughing, and just catching a calming breath. Just listen for the “Hi!” as you wander about and come join us for a spell. 🙂


Twat Waffle

Cosmic Rampage – a camp based around immediacy principle

A collective of star gazing individuals bound by the love of art and personal expression. Our focus is on showing that passion in the immediate moment.
From fire spinning, dancing, and body painting.. to discussing the endless possibilities of the universe, spirituality, or simply telling stories in a cuddle puddle by the campfire. We live in the here and now.

Disco Kitty Cougars – Cougar ladies who like to party. Faster Pussycat dance dance!

#TEAMWONKY’s Camp Booboo – Making bubbles for the community!

Spun Sugar – Serving up cotton candy and popcorn as well as fresh hip hop and electronic beats.

Sin Camp



Does my Art work need to reflect the Theme?

No, that’s silly. It’s YOUR art!

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