*** YOU MUST HAVE YOUR TICKET AND/OR (if not WILL CALL) Receipt of your Purchase of the Ticket (if you lost it) at the GATE to gain Entry!

THERE ARE NO GATE SALES FOR THE TICKETS…You don’t have one. You don’t get in!

18+ age only



camp1) Do I have to give my real name to get tickets and/or sign any waiver for this burn?


All Ticket Holders are responsible for reading the Survival Guide, abide by the 10 Principles of Burnt Soup, and sign a document (i.e.  Waiver) that states you will abide by the rules of Burnt Soup, or risk rejection from the event.  You Voluntarily Assume the Risk of Serious Injury or Death by Attending Burnt Soup and Recreation Plantation.

You must give a Photo ID to show proof of who you are at the Gate/Greeters Station before granted entry into Burnt Soup.


Transfer Tickets by August 28th by noon :
Brown PaperTickets handles the transfers. They are open 24/7 to help you. Email them at Support@BrownPaperTickets.com
or Call: 1-800-838-3006.

3) Must I print my Ticket to enter the Gate.


A Paper Ticket will be mailed to you by Brown Paper Tickets.  Please have that ticket in hand when going to the Gate/Greeters Station and be sure it is in YOUR NAME.  

WILL CALL: Please print a receipt of your Brown Paper Ticket purchase if you did not receive your ticket or selected Will Call tickets.

If you purchased your ticket after August 25th it will be WILL CALL…JUST SHOW ID!

4) Is there a maximum number of tickets to be sold for the event?


Depending on volunteer capacity, and if we are at 350 early enough, we do reserve the right to offer an additional small number of tickets!  August 28, 2019 will be the last day to purchase tickets unless Sold Out! This is a Pre-Sale Ticket event only! Thank you!

5) Are Pets allowed to attend?


ADA certified Disability Animals are allowed to attend per ADA Laws.  However, your family pet that is used as emotional or comfort pet and not ADA certified is not allowed to attend.  If your animal is brought and Safety Team is made aware you will be Ejected from the Event.

*Please note if you are bringing your ADA animal with you to this event please have the Certification, Vest and Shot record at the gate and please email burntsouptx@gmail.com to get confirmation with Burnt Soup Safety Team.

6) Can I reserve my spot for myself or group of friends?


This Event is First Come, First Serve.  The Gates open at 2pm Thursday, August 29th.

7) Can I Reserve a Spot for my Theme Camp?


This Year it is First Come, First Serve.  The Gates open at 2pm Thursday, August 29th.

8) Does my Art work need to reflect the Theme?


That’s silly…It’s your Art!

9) Is there a Social Media group or page?


BURNT SOUP TX Facebook Group.

10) Can I sign up for Volunteer shift at Burnt Soup (i.e. “on-site”)?


There will be a Sign up book at Greeters!  However you can always check before with the Leads of each Department. However we would love to know more about you too so please email burntsouptx@gmail.com

11) Where can I park my RV, Trailer, Pop-up, Bus, Etc…Travel Vehicle!

RV/Trailer/Pop-up/Bus, etc sites with electricity and water are available for an extra fee…Travel Vehicle CAMPING…Limited Spaces Available.  Contact ctaallc@gmail.com for rates and availability

RV camping is allowed throughout the campground without hookups.

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