Help! We Need Volunteers!

Burnt Soup needs your help! The Soup isn’t yummy without a good mix of ingredients, and those ingredients are our participants! Like any event of this type, we need a certain level of infrastructure in order for things to proceed in a (relatively) safe and (somewhat) sane manner. The more coverage we have in certain key areas, the more people can attend. Do your part for your community and sign up! We need volunteers in the following areas:


WANT TO BE LEAD: contact

2018 Leads:

  • Sanctuary (Lead: Mama Tiger)
  • PET (Lead: Lavendar)
  • Greeters (Lead: Liz Creme)
  • Ranger (Lead:  ______ )
  • Perimeter/Fire Department (Lead: ____________)
  • Stage/Events/Sound Marshall (Lead: _____________ )
  • DaFT/Effigy Build Team (Lead: Rocky and Rog)
  • ICE..ICE BABY (Lead: Raylene)

How To Sign Up:

For all departments follow this easy process:

  1. Please fill out this form so Leads knows who you are: Volunteer Form
  2. THE LEADS WILL CONTACT YOU AND/OR THE VOLUNTEER FORM MIGHT HAVE THE SHIFT LINK TO THE SIGNS UP FOR SHIFTS! If you haven’t filled out the Form, the Leads might not know who you are or experience and might deny your Shift time!
  3. There is a spreadsheet to see available shifts and times for each department for Greeters, Rangers, Emergency Medical, Sanctuary, Fire Department, etc.
  4. Contact the Leads at due to some of the leads are still changing up their shift schedules on the spreadsheet.
  5. Show up for your shift ready to help!
  6. If new: Did your read the Survival Guide?

If you have questions about volunteering or need to adjust your shifts, etc., email

Keep up with the latest on our Facebook Group.

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